Me Mondays. My favorite vacation.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! In honor of the summer – the time to travel – I’m visiting back to my favorite vacations. Check it out!

Traveling is by far my favorite pastime. I grew up traveling and the love of it as continued as an adult, wife and mother.My husband and I are so fortunate to have friends who love to travel as well and our daughter has got on the travel boat as well (let’s home Liam loves it as much as the rest of us). Narrowing down my favorite trip, is tough. My favorite place in the world is at a house that my grandpa built in Summit County, CO (we LOVE to ski) but my favorite trip, hmm, where to I begin? I’m going to break it down by category since I’m having a hard time deciding on just one.

  1. Favorite Vacation with my husband: Prague & Barcelona – September 2010. I loved this trip, the locations, the weather, the company. Although we’ve taken several trips to Europe, this was our last one before kids and exploring new places. We had so much fun stumbling upon wine festivals and fashion shows and I really cannot wait to show my children Prague, a city we fell so in love with.
  2. Favorite Friends Vacation: Sonoma County, CA – March 2016. Maybe it is because this trip is so recent, or maybe because we don’t get to see our friends as much anymore (since most of us now have children and don’t live in the same cities) but we really lived this trip up to the maximum and had the best time (and that is saying something considering we’ve done trips to Mexico, San Francisco, NYC, a Caribbean Cruise, Las Vegas, Colorado and more).
  3. Favorite Vacation with Kids: We have only taken 1 trip with Liam so far so I have to only consider what we’ve done with Marin but hands down, a trip to Paris & Brussels was the best trip with Marin to date. She was so perfect on the trip and had so much fun and we had the best time finding carousels, parks and gelato shops. In a time with the safety of Brussels is so uncertain, I feel so fortunate to have visited this beautiful city. I sure hope we get to return someday.



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