Keeping it Simple.

I feel like keeping things simple is tough to do but ultimately makes life easier and happier. For me, I try hard to keep things simple. That doesn’t mean boring and I think that’s where too many times we opt for busy, bold and hectic – because we’re afraid that simple = boring. I think from the outside, people could look at our life and say we don’t live “simply”, we are fortunate enough to travel often and exotically because of my husband’s career (thank you frequent flier miles and hotel points), we have a nice house, our daughter attends a great school, etc. However, it isn’t about what you do, it’s about HOW you do things. Below are some ways we keep things simple….I’ll do some follow up posts on the Travel one because I know lots of people are looking for info on “Traveling with Kids” (myself included).

1. Traveling. I’m an expert on travel – I book everything we do and as far in advanced as possible (we get the prime free tickets and hotel rooms this way) and then I sit back and do nothing. We take our 3 year old many places and we arrive with LOW expectations, and because of this we have had the best trips with her. We don’t push her to do a million things or get disappointed because we didn’t stick to an itinerary. Even at Disney World, we took a day off, drove 35 minutes away to walk around a small town and go swimming and get out of the Disney chaos and then resumed the Disney experience the next day….we could tell she’d be overwhelmed and while this meant not getting every fast pass (because we didn’t set our days in advanced) it also meant a happy family and picking the ideal weather days for each activity. Also, the 3 of us routinely pack in 1 bag. Less to carry, and less options are always better.

2. Home Decor. We built a house in 2014. It was stressful, fun, ideal, horrible and annoying all bottled up together. Almost a year into living in our house, we are VERY happy with the final product. Mostly though, I’m happy we kept things simple. We didn’t put in guest rooms just to have rooms, we enlarged our other rooms instead and kept the space in rooms we will actually use. We used the same knobs and cabinet pulls throughout the entire house (the place we got it from even gave us a discount because they were so shocked that we really wanted to use the same thing throughout the whole house). We incorporated browns AND greys to try and defy time – our house is 100% neutral but not at all boring. I feel like we can change up the decor 1,000 different ways and still be able to keep the base of our house the same. We made our house, for us and not for resale. It suits us in every way shape or form and I love it.

3. Style. I’m a classic style girl. I love plain color and if it isn’t plain, it is striped. I look into my closet and still have several items that are 10-15 years ago that are still perfectly fine to wear today. I love keeping things basic and I get a lot of compliments on doing so. My go-to stores are: J.Crew, Madewell, Gap and Anthropologie (I know Anthro is not simple, but I seek out the plain, unique items from there and run with it!).

Stay tuned for more ways we keep things simple…it’s going to be an exceptional ride!


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